Suggestions to Help You Select a Long Arm Quilter

*  Ask to see samples of their work.
*  Do they have references that can attest to the quality of their work?
*  Will they allow/encourage you to select your quilting design?

*  How long is their waiting list?  A long waiting list, although inconvenient, can be a sign that their services are in demand.

*  Who provides batting and/or thread?  Many longarmers have batting on bolts and threads on cones which can save you money.

How to Help Your Longarmer

Do the Best Possible Job for You

*  "Square Off" your quilt so that the edges are perfectly straight and corners are square.

*  Provide a minimum of 4 inches of batting and backing on all sides of the quilt top.

*  Double check your top to be sure there are no holes in the seams.  Once the top is loaded onto the frame, it is possible to hand stitch these areas, but it is a shame to have this happen when it can be avoided by careful examination before it goes to your quilter.

*  During this examination, you should also clip all threads.

*  Backings sometimes need to be pieced.  Preferably this should be a vertical seam, not a pieced backing with squares, rectangles, or strips, which can stretch in different directions.  Once your quilt is loaded onto the frame, the backing disappears under the top and batting, and any puckers are very hard to see.