Pricing Sheet

Effective 1/01/16

Quick Pick Quilting Design

Simple edge to edge pattern such as meander, loops, butterfly or hearts.

$0.015 per sq. in.

All Over Quilting Design

Pantographs, or dense to intricate edge to edge patterns.  No special considerations given to borders or blocks.

$0.020 per sq. in.

Custom Quilting

1 to 3 Designs

4 to 6 Designs

"Stitch in the Ditch"


   $0.024 per sq. in.

   $0.028 per sq. in.

   $0.030 per sq. in.

Turning the Quilt - dictated by pattern or border design



* Price is per bobbin


Charge varies with thread choice

Piecing the backing

$10.00 per seam


Quilters Dream Deluxe High Loft Cotton

Quilters Dream 70/30 Poly Blend


  $0.0039 per sq. in.

  $0.0032 per sq. in.

Binding Service - with your fabrics

Prepare and attach

Prepare, attach and hand sew the back


Rod pocket


$0.20 per in.

$0.25 per in.

$1.50 per tab


Minimum Charges

Quick Pick

Custom Quilting, All Over or Stitch in the Seam or Ditch




Rush Order

$25.00 extra

To determine cost of quilting, multiply the width of your quilt by the length of your quilt times the charge per square inch of the type of quilting you desire.  Then, add any additional charges for piecing the backing, thread, backing, batting, binding, etc.